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Ana Arium

Ukhuni Terrarium Range

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R 750.00 ZAR

Our Ukhuni range of terrariums is a departure from our norm of strictly geometric glass only and instead incorporates a reclaimed wooden base into the design. Each Ukhuni terrarium includes a handcrafted glass case, a stained and sealed wooden base and a 1.3L plastic container.

By separating the terrarium base from the glass we have essentially simplified the process of planting up a closed terrarium. In order to plant up the Ukhuni terrarium, simply lift off the glass top, and add your terrarium components into the 1.3L plastic container. The 1.3L plastic container fits snugly in the wooden base so you wouldn't even know its there. No more squeezing through small terrarium doors or having to use special tools to access hard to reach areas.


Ukhuni Tower: 200mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 345mm (H)

Ukhuni 42: 200mm (L) x 180mm (W) x 350mm (H)

This product is made to order so please allow a lead time of 4-7 working days from date of order.

Plants not included.

Please note that because the wood and glass have been handcrafted, some minor imperfections may exist and that no two pieces will be exactly the same. With that in mind we do endeavor to create beautiful products of great quality.