Tradescantia Tricolour
Tradescantia Tricolour

Tradescantia Tricolour

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Scientific name: Tradescantia zebrina

Sold in a 25cm Hanging basket.

Light: These plants do best in bright, but indirect sunlight. You'll want to provide your plant with enough light to keep their color and flower. But be careful with too much direct light as their delicate leaves burn easily in too much sun.

Water: Water enough to keep the soil slightly damp as these plants don’t like their soil to be completely dry for too long. Generally speaking, a weekly watering during the growing season (Spring-Autumn) and reduced watering in winter makes a good schedule. 

Fertilizer: These plants are not a heavy feeders and may not need feeding at all. If you do decide to feed your plant, give it a half-strength dose of time-release, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer no more than twice a month. 

Toxicity: Tradescantia sap is irritating and may cause gastric distress in cats who ingest the leaves. 

Please note that these kits contain plants which require regular watering. For this reason we only dispatch these orders on a Monday and Tuesday (to areas outside of Cape Town) so that the plants do not risk spending the weekend at the courier depot. Please contact us if you are unsure at