Squirrel Foot Fern
Squirrel Foot Fern
Squirrel Foot Fern

Squirrel Foot Fern

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Scientific name: Davallia fejeensis

Sold in a 13cm plastic nursery pot.

Light: These plants do best in bright, indirect light. It still tolerates short periods of the afternoon sun, but the intense sun will prove highly damaging to the plant.

Water: Water the plants lightly but often to keep the surface of the soil lightly moist. Daily misting helps keep the surface rhizomes from drying out. Since the root system of this plant is small, they cannot penetrate deep inside the soil to absorb water and nutrients. Therefore, keep the soil moist all the time, so the plant can fulfill its water needs from the topsoil.

Fertilizer: Every two weeks from the start of the spring season till the end of autumn, water the plant with a liquid houseplant fertilizer mixed at half strength.

Please note that these plants require regular watering. For this reason we only dispatch these orders on a Monday and Tuesday (to areas outside of Cape Town) so that the plants do not risk spending the weekend at the courier depot. Please contact us if you are unsure at info@anaarium.co.za