Calathea zebrina

Calathea zebrina

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Scientific name: Calathea zebrina

Sold in a 19cm plastic nursery pot.

Light: These plants do best in bright, but filtered sunlight. You'll want to provide your plant with enough light to keep their color and flower. But be careful with too much direct light as their delicate leaves burn easily in too much sun.

Water: These plants need soil that holds moisture but is also well draining. Without good drainage, the roots will rot. ‘Wet feet’ is probably the major cause of failure when growing zebra indoor plants. A lack of water, however, will cause leaves to curl. You may see better results by using filtered water or rainwater.

Fertilizer: Fertilize monthly with 1/4 strength water soluble fertilizer during the growing season. Avoid over-fertilizing and flush the soil several times per year.

Toxicity: Non-toxic to humans and animals.

Please note that these plants require regular watering. For this reason we only dispatch these orders on a Monday and Tuesday (to areas outside of Cape Town) so that the plants do not risk spending the weekend at the courier depot. Please contact us if you are unsure at