We are beyond delighted to still be able to provide you with plants, terrariums and kits during lockdown. Your safety is our top priority so please take note of the below:

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We are all working hard to keep the economy going while strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines set forth by the government. We have implemented additional hygiene measures at our premises which include regular handwashing, wearing of masks and regularly disinfecting surfaces. As a result, you may experience some delay in receiving your delivery but fear not, we will be on hand to deal with all of your delivery queries.

Please note that to ensure your safety and the safety of others, our courier partners are using a  ‘Limited-Interaction Delivery' process detailed below:

  1. The courier will arrive at the delivery destination wearing a face mask and gloves. The courier carries sanitizer in the vehicle and will sanitize the gloves before every delivery.
  2. On arrival, the courier will ring the bell or intercom and announce their arrival and their intention to complete a delivery. He/she will also explain that goods will be left at the front door or reception of the premises and they will walk back to a safe sanitary distance (approx. 2metres). This will allow the receiver to safely pick up the parcel and sign the paper copy of the runsheet. Please have your own pen handy. The runsheet will be retrieved by the courier once the process has been concluded and the customer has retreated to a safe sanitary distance.
  3. The courier will not pass the scanner to the receiver to capture a proof of delivery signature. Instead the courier will retain possession of the scanner and, after selecting the ‘Covid delivery’ option, they will request the name of the signatory which the courier will key into the name field on the handheld device on behalf of the receiver. The courier will capture the given name of the receiver on the device.
  4. After you have received your parcel, we recommend you immediately throw away the packaging and sanitize the contents and your hands.
  5. A time stamp and GPS co-ordinates are captured at the point where the parcel is scanned as delivered and, where appropriate, a photo will be taken as additional supporting information.

Please remember to wash your hands before and after receiving a delivery. We also ask that you avoid direct contact with the drivers, such as handshakes.


If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us at