Ana Arium is an online store dedicated to do-it-yourself themed terrarium kits and plants, taking the hassle out of finding the right material so there's more time to be really creative. Our easy to assemble kits allow our customers to build low maintenance mini ecosystems in no time at all. Purchase a kit for yourself or gift it to someone special. We are based in Cape Town.

More and more publications are being released each day citing the numerous benefits of plants on the health and wellness of people. A Human Spaces study into The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace found that workers in an office environment with greenery reported a 15% increase in Well Being, 9% increase in productivity and more importantly, a 15% boost in creativity!

Statistics aside, the benefits of bringing nature indoors are already well recognized. Why else would you be here?

One of the bigger issues many plant enthusiasts and their plants experience is space. In today’s economy many of us reside in small townhouses and apartments, leaving us very little space for collecting, and growing and just plain showing off the fruits of our recent nursery splurge.

That’s what makes terrariums so appealing. These self-sustaining ecosystems take up very little space and require minimal care. The best part is that terrariums combine nature and art to create something magical, a tiny living world right there on your coffee table for all your guests to admire.

Terrariums are nothing new, but increased interest has resulted in a lot of confusion around where to start and what to use. At Ana Arium we understand how difficult it can be to source the right materials needed to build a terrarium and have found a way to make things easier regardless of skill. Our terrarium kits take the effort out of finding materials, leaving you with more time to focus on the best part – the creative, dirt under the nails, terrarium building experience. At Ana Arium its not just about buying plants and glass but the rewarding feeling you get from building and owning a terrarium of your own.

Gone are the days of green fingers and serial plant killers. Now anyone can own a Terrarium, regardless of skill or space.

Ana Arium provides you with the option to purchase the components you need separately as well.