Syngonium Pixie
Syngonium Pixie

Syngonium Pixie

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Scientific name: Syngonium podophyllum

Sold in a 10cm plastic nursery pot.

Light: These plants do best in bright, but filtered sunlight. Possible symptoms of inadequate light include leggy stems and foliage discolouration. If you see these features in your plant, consider shifting to a well-lit area right away. Avoid direct sunlight.

Water: These plants have a medium tolerance for drought. However, they usually love moist soil. Water thoroughly after the upper layer of soil gets about 70% dry. However, in winter, water right after the soil gets completely dry. Twice a week in summer and once every two weeks in winter is good strategy. Avoid over-watering. Soggy soil is highly unsuitable for these plants and may lead to fungus and root rot.

Fertilizer: Additional nutrients will show good effects in the plant health. In the warmer months use a houseplant fertilizer once a month. Fertilizing in the cooler months is not necessary.

Toxicity: Crystals of calcium oxalate are present in all parts of this plant body. Ingestion may lead to health issues like allergy, salivation and ulceration of mouth, lips and throat. Thus, we always recommend keeping your pets and kids away from the Syngonium plants.

Please note that these plants require regular watering. For this reason we only dispatch these orders on a Monday and Tuesday (to areas outside of Cape Town) so that the plants do not risk spending the weekend at the courier depot. Please contact us if you are unsure at