Scindapsis Silver Splash

Scindapsis Silver Splash

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Scientific name: Scindapsus pictus

Sold in a 20cm Hanging basket.

Light: The plants can survive in low light conditions, but grows faster and produces more leaves in medium or bright indirect light. The plant will become leggy if it receives too little light. You'll see the best leaf color and variegation by keeping it in bright, indirect light.

Water: Water enough to keep the soil slightly damp. During the spring and summer, water well and then allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering again. In the cooler months, let the soil dry before watering.

Fertilizer: Although its not necessary feed once every other month with a 20-10-10 liquid fertilizer diluted by half. 

Toxicity: This plant may be mildly toxic to pets and humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting. Its best to keep it away from foliage-munching children and pets.

Please note that these plants require regular watering. For this reason we only dispatch these orders on a Monday and Tuesday (to areas outside of Cape Town) so that the plants do not risk spending the weekend at the courier depot. Please contact us if you are unsure at