5 Reasons to Invest in a Terrarium

Terrariums present a great opportunity for novice and seasoned green fingers to bring nature indoors. Terrariums are nothing new today, yet we often only the find them making a guest appearance in garden center displays for indoor plants. Surprisingly, most of these Terrariums are not even for sale, despite the interest it generates as a display. The trouble is that most people dismiss Terrariums as complex projects requiring a fair amount of gardening expertise and experience to build. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Terrariums can be defined as a collection of plants grown in a glass vessel which creates a natural ecosystem. This means that even a simple pot plant could constitute a Terrarium – its complexity is only limited by the builders capability. With this in mind it’s hard not to find reason to invest in a Terrarium and if you’re still not convinced here’s 5 reasons why you should.


Terrariums are super low maintenance


Terrariums are basically self-sustaining ecosystems that require very little fuss other than a soil and plant check every couple of days. You should allow the soil to dry in between watering and only water to dampen the soil. Remember that Terrariums do not have drainage holes, so you don’t want excess water to accumulate at the base of the Terrarium. Excess water promotes root rot and creates a very boggy environment which is not ideal for most plants.

Keep in mind that the water requirements of a closed container (glass vessel with a lid) will differ from that of an open container. Closed Terrariums rely on the water cycle to sustain life, but you are expected to regulate this process by opening the lid to allow for excess moisture to exit the Terrarium. Other than watering, Terrariums don’t require much care besides the odd pruning and removal of dead or decaying leaves.


Terrariums take up very little space

No garden? No problem! Terrariums require very little space other than a spot on your coffee table or on a windowsill. At Ana Arium we have a collection of glass planters that will complement any home in a variety of sizes and shapes. You’re sure to find the shape that makes the most sense for your space, but you’ll need to ensure that the plants are receiving the right amount of humidity and light. Our Desert and Beach-themed Terrariums are best placed in bright, indirect light like a south-facing window sill but if that’s not possible then keep it on a surface in the room that gets the most light. Terrariums are small and compact and can be moved around if need be, just don’t drop it.


Terrariums make excellent conversation pieces


You’ll want to keep a Terrarium on your coffee table when you have guests over. People are still very fascinated by this age-old technique of indoor gardening. Indoor plants are on trend right now and seem to draw more and more closet plant fanatics out from the woodwork. You’ll be surprised to hear their stories – there’s the know-it-all, the serial-plant-killer, the experimental botanist, and the “I love plants. but I just don’t have the time to look after them”.

Everyone’s got a story to tell but I assure you, your Terrarium will be the most interesting topic of the day as a focal point of room. Make an even bigger statement by choosing one of our geometric glass planters for your Terrarium. Let nature and modern art come together to tell its own story.


Terrarium building is fun for all ages and skill levels

Terrarium building is an activity that can be fun for the whole family regardless of age or skill. As cheesy as it sounds it’s still true. When it comes to kids Terrariums not only offer insights into the water cycle and responsible gardening, but also offer a great opportunity to just get creative. Both the young and old will benefit from picking out the plants and deciding on the best design for the Terrarium.

At Ana Arium we have simplified the process, so you don’t have to spend any time researching what you need or where to find it. Just simply follow the 3-step procedure: Choose your themed kit, choose your planter and choose your plants and you’re good to go. Once your kit has been delivered, follow the simple instructions to assemble the basic layers (gravel, activated carbon, sphagnum moss and soil) then let your imagination run wild with the design. Depending on the kit, use the decorative elements in any which way you like and if space allows why not through in some add-on’s like Reindeer Moss, coloured sand or miniatures. The options are endless!


Terrariums are good for you


It’s no secret that houseplants have transcended their role as just a piece of décor to décor that offers actual health benefits. The obvious advantage of houseplants is cleaner air. Most plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the day during the process of photosynthesis, but did you know that succulents and air plants continue this process during the night? Still not convinced?

More and more publications are being released each day citing the numerous benefits of plants on the health and wellness of people. A Human Spaces study into The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace found that workers in an office environment with greenery reported a 15% increase in Well Being, 9% increase in productivity and more importantly, a 15% boost in creativity!

A University of Michigan study revealed that tasks performed in the presence of ornamental plants are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result. The study also concluded that memory and attention span are boosted when individuals are taken outdoors into a natural environment.

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  • I just received my glass containers. I’m so happy with them. I can not wait to get started and have them as a showpiece in my house. The quality and workmanship is outstanding… Happy with my purchase.. I’ll gladly recommend buying from Ana Arium… ❤️


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